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West West Production is a small studio based in the Mooof building in The Hague Netherlands.

Currently the studio is driven by a head engineer, producers and manager.

Even though West West Production isn’t a big studio we strive to perfection and music only leaves the studio in high quality with everyone satisfied.

We have 2 studio so it’s possible to record, produce, mix and master your ideas/tracks for every budget.

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Pascal Fontijn
Pascal Fontijn
Head Engineer

Our Studio

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West West Production is always up to date with the latest soft- and hardware technology to give your project top notch quality.

All the best industry standard plugins and software instrument are available to give your production a fantastic sound.

West West Production’s aim is to provide you a professional recording at a price point the average musician can afford.

Even if you’re an international act sending us songs to mix or a local band finishing a session, the goal is to have a comfortable environment that isn’t costing you an arm or a leg but sounds like it did.

Do you have any questions in regard to your music, recording, mix and master or just want more info on what we can do?

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